mr luckys

3" Round Mini Mirror, Chrome Head, Black Stem & mount Clamp


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Old School Cool 3" dia. Round Mini Mirror! Features a stunning Chrome Plated head, Black Satin stem and hardware. We're also including a matching Black Satin Mirror Mount Clamp so you can mount it to the left or right hand side of ANY 1" or 7/8" handlebar! Bitchin'!

A Very Retro Kool mirror, and looks super sweet hooked up with our other Old School goodies available!

The Clamp comes with a Shim to allow mounting mirror to either 1" or 7/8" handlebars, either in the traditional upright position above the handlebars, or rotated to have the mirror positioned down, below the handlebars in the classic chopper style.


The 4" stem is 10mm in diameter. The mirror head is adjustable, and secured to the stem with an allen head set screw, included.


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