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1" "Speedster" Handlebars for Inline Springers, Black


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Those familiar with old iron will remember these handlebars used on 1936-57 Harley-Davidson models. Originally designed to use piano wire style internal throttle and spark advance cables, we've updated them for use with pre-82 Harley style controls and fitment to early HD and most aftermarket "inline" Springer front ends.

Simply remove the top tree and install the bars in it's place.... instant Cool! Made of 1" tubing, un-dimpled, measures 36" from tip to tip, have a  7" pullback and a 6" rise. Similar to our "Hollywood" handlebars, but without the crossbar. Truly retro inspired.

Finished in durable Black Powder Coating. Also available in Brilliant Chrome #H160-1C.

 Made in USA by Paughco.