mr luckys

Shorty Muffler. Chrome Plated, Universal Mount


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With one end fitting 1-3/4 exhaust pipes, and the other end fitting 1-1/2" exhaust pipes, this is truly one versatile muffler!

Called a "Shorty Muffler" for a reason, it measures only 11-3/4" in length, approximately 2-1/4" in diameter at the widest point, and looks ultra sweet on minimalistic retro rides. The brilliant Chrome finish is the crowning touch!

Muffler comes complete with a welded-on stud and rotatable 6” flat-strap allowing universal mounting to just about any bike, left or right side. Muffler has a deep, throaty sound, and features a removable baffle if you really want to crank up the decibels!