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30 Tooth Rear Sprocket for use with HD Wheels & XS-650 Yamaha


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Run an HD rear wheel on your XS650! This Rear Sprocket incorporates the HD style 5-bolt pattern so you can run a 16" or 18" HD rear wheel with your XS-650 Yamaha Powerplant. The addition of a double sided center hole (see enlarged picture), with Center hole diameter 1.985" when mounted from one side, and 2.216" when mounted from the other side, allows this sprocket to fit almost all HD XL/FX/FL model wheels, including the 2000 and newer HD wheels with large bearing hubs. Bolt hole circle diamete is 3.250" with 5 bolt holes at 15/32". Manufactured from Aircraft Quality Solid Billet 7075 Aluminum Alloy.

The stock XS-650 Yamaha is geared  low, so this sprocket is sized at 30 Tooth which is 4 teeth smaller than the stock Yamaha sprocket, increasing your top end speed. We also offer a 32 Tooth version #KS32TRS as well as a 34 Tooth version # KS34TRS if you want the stock tooth size sprocket. For use with 530 chain (same chain size used for both HD's & XS 650 Yamahas.)

Use when hooking up your 1970-81 XS-650 Yamaha engine in our #ML139Y or other custom rigid frame/rear sections and running an HD style rear wheel as we do in our El Loco Rolling Chassis Kit.

Mounting Hardware: Use #MU75423 or #MU75417 to mount to HD style Cast Wheels or our custom spoked wheels with cast hubs; Use #MU75424 or #MU75416 to mount to HD style Spoked Wheels.

Made in USA by PBI exclusively for Mr Luckys.