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3/4" Rear Axle Kit; Fits Rigids plus XS 650 Yamaha Rigid Frame


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This rear axle kit comes complete with axle, spacers, collar, sleeve nut, washers and axle nut, and for use with 3/4" axles.

Total axle length is 10-13/16" measured from the bottom of the welded on nut to the end of the axle. The second picture shows the Flat or Slotted sections of the Axle and Spacer circled in Red. These flat areas are 22mm in width, and go into the slots on the frame to keep the axle and spacer from turning.

For use with our ML139Y XS 650 Yamaha Rigid Frame (if using HD type rear wheel with 3/4" bearings) as well as Paughco and other rigid frames for HD's with 9-1/4" space between axle plates.  If running the stock OEM Yamaha rear wheel with our XS650  frame, you can use your existing stock OEM axle.

Made by Paughco in USA