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Brass Drilled Spool Style Kick Starter Pedal


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This old school Kicker Pedal is machined from solid brass, and goes great with the other Brass items available from Mr. Luckys!

Fits Harley: WL 1929-1952, EL 1936-1940, UL 1937-1948, FL 1941-1984, FX 1971-1984, K  1952-1956 and XL 1957-1979 as well as many Aftermarket Trannies and Kicker Kits using the standard spec. H/D kicker arms.

The Pedal is 1” in Diameter, 4-1/2" Overall length  (3-3/8" in length where your foot fits).

Includes solid brass pedal, bolt, sleeve and washer as shown.

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