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XL/FX 1975-89 Headlight Dress-Up Kit, Antique Brass Finish


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Transform your 1975-89 HD XL or FX headlight from stock to Retro Cool in just minutes with this easy to install Dress up Kit! Finished in a stunning Antique Brass finish that looks great hooked up with either chrome or black headlight shells.

The “Eyebrow" Cover fits right over top of the stock Headlight mount bracket, and secured using the 2 stock bolts.  (No cutaway for stock indicator lamps).  

The matching dual Trim Rings replace the stock rings and complete the Retro look! Easy to install with just a screwdriver and wrench!

The Eyebrow cover fits late model XL & FX models as well, and is available separately.

Also available in our Antique Copper finish #MLK0002. A "Mr Luckys" Exclusive!