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Exhaust Wrap Kit, Tan with Aluminum HT Silicone Coating


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A complete Exhaust Wrap Kit containg two rolls of 2" x 15 ft Tan wrap, eight 8" & four 14" stainless steel locking ties, and a 12oz can of HT aluminum Silicone coating spray. Kit contains more than enough wrap for most exhaust systems.

No more concerns about welds, scratched or blued pipes......just fab 'em & wrap 'em! Easy to apply and secure at the ends with the stainless steel ties included.

Not only does this wrap give your ride a cool look, but there is less heat radiated from the pipes keeping gases hotter thereby improving exhaust flow and creating better exhaust scavenging/more horsepower. Wrap withstands heat up to 1200F degrees direct/2000F degrees radiant, far exceeding the heat emitted by your motorcycle exhaust.

NOTE: Must be shipped UPS-Ground due to inclusion of the aerosol can of silicone spray coating.